Best Practice Group

JAN 19 & 20 2023
9 AM – 5 PM AEDT

Let's take your business to the next level...

  • Reflect, Review, Relate, Connect
  • Team First – Becoming World-Class
  • Goals We Want to Achieve
  • S.W.O.T
  • How to Overcome Fears and Limitations
  • Why Change is Hard
  • Planning & Implementation
  • What World-Class Organisations Do
  • Culture, Clients, Capacity & Success
  • Gaining Compounding CompetitiveAdvantage
  • Structure & Scaling for Sustainability
  • KPI’s & Incentives that Create Win/Wins
  • Implementation & Action Planning
  • Learn the power of a vision
  • Increase your team’s engagement andcommitment towards your vision
  • Build a career plan for your entire team
  • Align individual career aspirations withyour businesses vision and values
  • Learn 4 essential stages of teamdevelopment and ensure you have buy-in
  • Build a thriving team culture
  • Learn the basic principles of teameffectiveness
  • Create a powerful SWOT analysis thatyour team buys into
  • Leave with a 30, 90, 180 day, and 12-month action plan
  • Reflect accurately on your year in review
  • Build and implement an action plan yourteam supports and commits to
  • Learn how rewards and incentives candeliver better results to your bottomline
  • Empower your team with the tools toembrace and manage change


Here’s a sneak peek into Best Practice’s trialed and tested Virtual Retreat, an essential opportunity we want to recreate for all business owners and their teams!


Option 1: Live on Zoom

Up to 2 team members $295 + GST
Up to 4 team members $495 + GST
5 or more team members $695 + GST

Option 2: Attend in Person

Per firm $3000 + GST
Per head catering fee $200 + GST

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You will receive simple and easy-to-follow instructions with less than two hours of preparation required to deliver a world-class event for your team,including an industry-leading implementation plan.

Participant workbooks will ensure your whole team is well directed and engaged, empowering them to contribute effectively to learning and defining how to achieve your vision of success in 2022 and beyond.