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Nick had big personal goals and objectives when he merged into a multi-partner environment. However, after many years of frustrations, Nick had grown tired of the “Groundhog Day” recurring themes and lack of progress in key areas such as Growth, Succession, and Work-Life-Balance.

Nick needed to see changes, or he was starting to re-evaluate his career options seriously.

Since then, the directors have made massive changes. Suddenly the same team stressed out to deliver $2.2M is demonstrating >$4M capacity in daily invoking!

  • How did they attract two new equity prospects into the team?
  • What fundamental differences are they actioning and why?
  • How important is your structure, and what was missing until recently?
  • What key insights does Nick feel all accountants should know?

What Nick has learned about change management and empowering employees to help him take the business where he wants it to go is now essential knowledge for public accountants in 2023.

Learn from Nick in the video above

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