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Case Studies


Bruce Newberry

Bruce Newberry, a 20+ year self-employed professional, recently transitioned from a solo practice to a thriving equity partnership. In just a four-day workweek, his annual earnings tripled, showcasing a remarkable career transformation.

Donagh Archer

Three years ago, Donagh, a solo entrepreneur with 900+ clients, sought our guidance. After implementing our recommendations and expanding her team, her annual revenue now exceeds $600K, doubling her business.


Rachael Muntz

Rachael, once a sole practitioner, grappled with overwork and self-doubt. With our support, she and Ryan now lead a thriving two-partner firm, with revenues nearly quadrupled, a high-quality team, and a shared vision of success.


Nick Bradley

Nick entered a multi-partner setup with ambitious goals, but faced recurring frustrations. Directors implemented major changes, doubling daily invoicing capacity to >$4M. Insights on change management and empowerment are vital for accountants in 2023.