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When we first met Donagh three years ago, she was a solopreneur with no employees. Donagh was overwhelmed and extremely frustrated as her 900+ clients didn’t care about her work-life balance issues.

Our assessment was that Donagh was coachable, and the journey began. To her credit, Donagh has implemented many of our recommendations which have assisted her to totally transform her business and life.

Donagh started recruiting and hired Libby full-time and her daughter (Bella)part-time. With the help of our recruitment team, then added an excellent second full-time employee (Felicity) as Bella was moving on.

In March 2023, Donagh and her team participated in our 2-week intensive support program, and her business experienced a massive uplift in capacity and improvement in daily invoicing, with a predictable revenue capacity in the range of $900K to $1.2 million.

Donagh’s June 30 results are in! She is now well above $600K p.a., more than doubling her business from three years ago. The next goal, $1M p.a. Donagh is a shining example of what can be achieved with proper guidance and a leap of faith.

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