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Rachael was a typical sole practitioner, accustomed to working extremely long hours, sacrificing work-life balance and time with her young family to run her busy accounting firm. Rachael was constantly frustrated with the quality, responsibility, and effort some of her team members failed to deliver.

As a director and people leader, Rachael needed help to let go and delegate the work. She doubted herself constantly, and sometimes even clients pushed her around. Her biggest frustration was how much work ended up on her desk at the end of every day, and how many nights she would stay back and “do it herself”. She knew she had to change, but how and where to start?

Today, Rachael and Ryan are building a world-class business. Now a two-partner firm, revenues have almost quadrupled from when she purchased the business just a few years ago, and most importantly, Rachael has a high-quality team (including equity prospects) excited about their vision of success, and they are all working together to achieve this. Watch the video above to learn more about Rachael’s journey.

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