Best Practice Group


Thanks to Best Practice, my business is growing by design, not by default. I was creating capacity for growth and moved my office into the cloud, which enabled us to take on the lockdown with little disruption. The changes that have been implemented would not have been possible without their drive, encouragement and support. I have achieved more in the last 6 months than I had in the previous 3 years.… Continue Reading

We have had a fantastic turnaround in our business practices following John and his team’s advice. We have streamlined our daily habits and have more focus and determination than ever. Best investment we made for our business.… Continue Reading

I highly recommend any business owner or accounting or bookkeeping principal to sign up. You will learn the key success factors for your business, and it challenges you to be a better person and leader. You learn that success is a formula. You are provided with the tools to help you implement the process and are held accountable with check-ins and mentoring along the way. If you’re serious about your business and your life, then BP is for you.…


We’ve got all of our staff involved in the program. The training was holistic, not only talking about technical things but also how each member can develop their time management.… Continue Reading

I can’t believe how calm I was coming up to 30th June normally I’m a cot case. Have hit my blitz target 2 days running in this financial year so far! And today isn’t finished yet. Listen to the professionals. Trust their advice. Trust the process. Have faith in myself. Have faith in the process and watch my business grow!… Continue Reading