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2.6+ Billion
Revenue growth for our client organisations


Merger and acquisitions transactions completed


Websites built and growth strategies implemented


Headhunting and recruitment assignments completed


Private coaching mandates


Intergenerational equity participation models created


Free Masterclass: P, P, T
Virtual Retreat - January 2024 2-Day Program

The past three years in Public Accounting have been unprecedented, marking a period unlike any other in the industry's history. The emergence of this new normal implies an experience unfamiliar to both you and everyone else. Consequently, the significance of unleashing, unifying, and excelling your mindset, skill set, and team effectiveness has never been more crucial. Our Best Practice Virtual Retreat 2024 2-Day Program takes place on the 18th of January to the 19th of January 2024. Click on the link below to learn more!

Free Masterclass: P, P, T
FREE WEBINAR - 3 Proven Strategies On How To Build, Scale and Create Your Firm Without Stress and Overtime!

Join us for the transformative "3-Keys Webinar" where you'll discover three key business and life strategies that differentiate the wildly successful from the rest, surging your success to another level for 2024. Learn how to master discipline and implementation, ensuring progress even on challenging days. Gain resilience and consistency in your actions. Break free from limiting beliefs with our guidance, liberating yourself to pursue and realize your vision of success without any anchors holding you back. Click on the button below and register now for our free event on the 15th of February!

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Rachael Muntz, Muntz & Associates

``I would wholeheartedly recommend the process with Best Practice.
The results speak for themselves.``

Explore our customer case studies to see how the Best Practice Group has transformed accounting and financial planning professionals across Australia. Witness real-world examples of how we’ve helped clients achieve business excellence, work-life balance, and growth while creating world-class teams and mastering succession plans.


Our happy clients and their amazing results

Stewart RodriguesStewart Rodrigues
03:48 09 Oct 23
As an accounting firm with 3 offices, John has shown us how we can work together as a team in driving the business in a direction that benefits not only the owners, but also the staff. He has given us invaluable knowledge during our 2 week intensive and we look forward to working with him and his team to keep inspiring us to reach our goals. His best practice methods will also help us to deliver a better quality of service to our clients.
Philip MarendazPhilip Marendaz
11:32 17 May 23
As managing director of our practice I could not be more pleased with the outcome of the 2 week intensive program. I admit I was fearful as to what response we would get from our team. The consultative approach together with the directive proposed course of actions resonated with our team, resulting in framing our future performance around business and team goals, with buy in from the whole team. John and his team do it well.
John D'Arcy-EvansJohn D'Arcy-Evans
02:32 17 May 23
We have just completed a very successful 2 week intensive with John and his team. It has provided renewed focus and understanding on what is required to be a successful business and creating a great place to work. We were introduced to proven processes to be implemented as part of our overall business strategy. It has provided a solid foundation to bring our offices together and in creating a cohesive team environment.
Rhyll TozerRhyll Tozer
01:58 23 Sep 21
Thanks to Best Practice my business is growing by design, not by default. I am creating capacity for growth and moved my office into the cloud which enabled us to take on the current lockdown with little disruption. The changes that have been implemented would not have been possible without their drive, encouragement and support. I have achieved more in the last 6 months (after a 2 week intensive with Best Practice) than I had in the previous 3 years.
Donagh ChisholmDonagh Chisholm
22:44 21 Sep 21
These guys are legends in every respect of the word! Helping small business owners take the leap of faith needed to take their businesses to the next level and even beyond your wildest dreams! Sessions are like going to Church on Sunday and coming away inspired and ready to take anything life can throw at you. Great people to do business with.
Ian CrillyIan Crilly
21:13 20 Sep 21
I am so grateful that I joined The Best Practice Program (BPP). Without doubt, it is the best management and leadership program I have been involved with. I highly recommend any business owner or accounting or bookkeeping principal to sign up to the BPP. You learn key success factors for your business, and it challenges you to be a better person and leader. You learn that success is a formula. You are provided with the tools to help you implement the process and are held accountable with check-ins and mentoring along the way. If you’re serious about your business and your life, then BPP is for you. John Peterson has compiled a wealth of knowledge in the leadership and management field over many years and has tailored a program that gets results. John, with the help of his able team at BP provide you with all the support to help you move from where you are now to where you want to go, and more.
01:00 02 Sep 19
I was a real skeptic when I first signed up to participate in Best Practice Business School's small business assistance program. But it has changed my whole perspective on small business, it has changed my life! John is passionate and dedicated to teaching us everything he knows and you get a thorough understanding of how to master your business with topics such as leadership, marketing, finances etc all covered. If you want to be in the 1% of small business owners who truly master their business, sign up today as it's worth every penny 🙂

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